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Diverticulitis Surgery

November 21, 2023 11 people Latest news

When the diverticula—small pouches in your digestive tract—inflame, it can lead to diverticulitis. When diverticula become infected, they frequently become inflamed. The colon, which is the biggest portion of the large intestine, is where diverticula are typically found. Generally speaking, they don't hurt your digestive system. However, they can cause pain and other symptoms that can interfere with your everyday activities when they become inflamed. The infection or inflammation of pouches that can develop in your intestines is known as diverticulitis. We refer to these pouches as diverticula. In most cases, diverticula are harmless. Anywhere in your intestines is where they could appear. This condition, if present, is known as diverticulosis. But you have diverticulitis if they become infected or inflammatory. Diverticulitis is occasionally mild. However, it can also be quite serious, resulting in a large-scale infection or intestinal perforation (your doctor will refer to it as a rupture).

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